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  • Analyze your jobs and decide with confidence

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Analyze facts and decide with confidence

Using analysis to make decisions based on facts is a key factor in meeting your organization’s goals for profitability, revenue and cost reduction. The decision-makers in any organization need a wide variety of analysis capabilities so they can compile the facts and trends necessary for better and smarter decisions.

A picture of your data is worth a million cells

Too often, you must resort to inflexible spreadsheet apps for showing data in graphs and charts. And, you want to do more than review standard dashboards and scorecards for exploratory analysis. Visualization tools enable you to get past these frustrations. BiLDPro data visualization can help construction businesses, large and small, from multinational corporations to smaller companies get a better understanding of their data

DesignSuite™ allows you to assemble, view and analyze the right data for better business results.

Excessive reliance on spreadsheets can hinder the process of analyzing your business data to understand performance and recommend improvements. With BiLDPro DesignSuite™ from Pronovos, you can explore information from different angles and perspectives and compare it with data in motion and trends for a more extensive view of your business. The facts you need for better results are right at your fingertips.

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Exquisite & Flexible

Business Analysis

Access the facts you need to understand performance and get better results.

Data Visualizations

See data in new and compelling ways to solve challenges and seize opportunities.

Predictive Analysis

Understand your customers better to provide targeted products, services and more.

Drill Down

View the details in your figures and charts for more comprehensive analysis.

Mobile Access

Provide business analysis results to the people at the front line of your business for action.

Analytical Reporting

Answer questions that simple reporting cannot answer with guided analysis from top to bottom.

"BiLDPro by Pronovos has changed how we approach our data and the effects have been amazing. We are very pleased with our decision to purchase pronovos."
Kim Smith Satisfied Customer
"Fantastic! Being able to create my own visualizations and reports with DesignSuite has given me flexibility to see my data in ways I never thought possible ."
John Williams Satisfied Customer
"Amazing! Mobile Time Entry is so flexible we use it to track equipment and deliveries of materials along with time tracking of our team."
Liz James Satisfied Customer

Access your data from anywhere

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