Construction Analytics

Construction Analytics At Pronovos, we focus on educating and helping construction companies do two things, 1). better understand the value of data and 2). help their organization embrace analytics. If you would have asked me how things were going four years ago, … Read More

How Successful Construction Companies Manage Labor

We spent some time a few months back to interview construction companies and analyze how they were managing their labor.  I’m excited to share our finding with. First, I wanted to know what percent of total job cost was spent … Read More

Pronovos Launches Procore Analytics Beta Program

Do you use Procore to manage your construction projects?  If so, then we have some GREAT news for you… Pronovos has launched a beta program to give Procore users insight into their Procore data.  What do we mean by insight?  While Procore … Read More

CFMA’s Annual Conference (2016) – Who’s Attending?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming CFMA conference that will be held in San Antonio, Texas.  This will be my first time attending the annual conference and I’m hoping to have fun, learn a … Read More

TUG Conference 2016

    Who attended the TUG 2016 conference and where did they come from? It was such a pleasure attending this year’s TUG conference.  I don’t know about you, but the energy was nothing short of exciting and motivating. I … Read More

Construction is a labor-centric industry

It is no secret that construction is a labor-centric industry. For construction companies, properly analyzing labor data, and utilizing the insight gained from this information, is an essential part of creating precise estimates that ensure projects are completed on time and on … Read More

We’re hiring!!

Summary: The Sales Executive will be responsible for applying an understanding of ProNovos Construction Analytics, help develop a sales methodology, processes, prospecting techniques and customer base while selling to medium and large business accounts. In this role you will focus on … Read More

Five Signs Your Construction Reporting is Costing You Money

Five Signs Your Construction Reporting is Costing You Money… If you have spent any time in construction management, then you know how valuable information is to your entire operation. One corner cut can turn around and cost you a winning … Read More

Construction Analytics for CEOs

I’ve spoken with many CEOs of construction companies to understand how they are using data to make better decisions.   90% of the time I hear how they’d like to move past the limits of spreadsheets and manual reporting. As they continue … Read More

Not Another Spreadsheet!!

Not Another Spreadsheet!! I just spent 2 hours on the phone with a client reviewing one of the most complicated spreadsheets  I have ever laid my eyes on!  My head is still spinning from the vlookups and infinite cell references. … Read More