It is no secret that construction
is a labor-centric industry.

For construction companies, properly analyzing labor data, and utilizing the insight gained from this information, is an essential part of creating precise estimates that ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. A construction company’s data should be as accurate and reliable as possible; if it’s not, the company risks negative outcomes like cost overrun and margin erosion.

logo Gly Construction, a privately owned construction company based in Bellevue, Washington, relies heavily on its data to make key decisions. As an organization that understands the importance of data-driven decision making, GLY recognized the opportunity to enhance its efficiency and accuracy through real-time cost reporting technology, and move away from the semi-manual, spreadsheet-intensive process the company used for labor productivity reporting.



  “The key areas we wanted to address were the manual nature of our process and being able to give accurate feedback to our estimating department. We also needed the ability to deliver actionable information throughout the organization, from our foreman to senior leaders.”


Andrew Hough


To address its issues, GLY is deploying ProNovos, a cloudbased construction analytics software solution that enables construction companies to achieve a comprehensive analysis of their enterprise. With ProNovos, GLY will be able to produce reports with little to no reliance on spreadsheets, and consistently provide high-quality labor productivity data to its estimating department within minutes.

Click the following link to download the full 4-page case study. Download here

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