Design Suite

Your Data - Your Way

The ability to retrieve key pieces of information how you want it and when you need it can often times be the difference between making a profit and losing money.

Sometimes you just want to see very specific pieces of information that you need in order to make educated decision. When that happens, don’t waste time explaining what you need to multiple departments, and waiting days to see the results. Design Suite was created just for you. You don’t need to be a programmer or I.T. professional, simply drag and drop the information you need from a list of all the available fields.

For example we often hear things like…”I really want to see my billings by project manager over time and I would also like to know the profit margin by Project Manager.”  A report like this might cost you anywhere from $200-$1,500 if you went to an outside consultant, or it might take days to get it from your IT department. 

With Design Suite you can create an unlimited amount of Business Intelligence reports and elegant, easy to read dashboards in minutes. 

Business Intelligence Dashboards in seconds

Simply drag and drop any of the fields on to a page and you will have insight in seconds.

No need for time consuming and costly consultants

You can do this!

Unlimited Manipulation of Your Data

Design Suite allows you to create an unlimited amount of dashboards so you can look at your data in myriad options. With Design Suite it’s easy for users to access their data the way they want it.