Enterprise Reporting










Put critical information in the hands of every decision maker.


Pronovos provides an extensive set of powerful tools for report creation, customization, and distribution as well as pixel­-perfect design capabilities, so that executives, project managers superintendents have the information they need. Deliver information as operational reports, business reports for ad-­hoc analysis, branded invoices, statements, and more.




Beautiful reports, no matter how you view them.


Boost  job and office productivity by empowering users to move seamlessly between the various styles of BI across multiple interfaces. The Pronovos platform supports a wide variety of reporting styles and device types so users can get their data how they want it, where they want it. And since everything shares a common data layer, users can view and interact with the same reports on their desktop and mobile devices and across multiple applications without requiring any reconfiguration or administrator intervention.


Analyze data your way with

ad-hoc reporting.

Analyze and manipulate data faster with powerful OLAP capabilities. Get results fast by slicing and dicing data in reports from one common data source. With Pronovos, you can reduce the development and administrative burdens of report creation by providing these capabilities directly to end users, who can build, modify, and save reports and dynamically change the data shown on reports to suit their unique needs.