Do you use Procore to manage your construction projects?  If so, then we have some GREAT news for you…

Pronovos has launched a beta program to give Procore users insight into their Procore data.  What do we mean by insight?  While Procore is an extremely useful tool to help you manage your projects, many users struggle to analyze their project data.

Pronovos has partnered with Procore to help you answer questions at the speed of thought.




Here are a few examples of what we’ve heard from our existing participants in the Beta Program:


How are my projects performing across various project Stages?

I need a WIP report that I can easily customize.

I need to know how my projects are performing by role.

How many Change Orders are we receiving that are not being passed back to the client?

What does our Overhead and Profit look like across all projects?

What are the common reasons that inspections are failing?

What other KPIs are GCs and Subs looking at?

I’d like to know what I don’t know.  Give me a tool that lets me interrogate my data until my heart is content.

I’m using other applications in addition to Procore to manage my company.  I need something to bring it all together.

This beta program will also give you an opportunity to connect with other contractors where you can listen and participate in data driven discussions.

Ready to sign up?  Fill out the form below and a coordinator will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Do you still have questions?  Well you’re in luck.  Click here to check out our FAQ section.


Construction Analytics for Procore (Beta Program)

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