Quick View

Executive Level Analytics for the Construction Industry.

Being able to quickly see the overall health of your business is one key to your ongoing success. With QuickView™, all of your CRE 300 data is available at a glance in a clean and intuitive interface. If the gauge is green then you are good to go, however, if the gauge is yellow or red then it is time to take a closer look at the root cause.

QuickView™ allows you to instantly see where things are, and more importantly, where they are going, in order to provide you with actionable insights before it is to late. Traditional reporting only informs you as to what has already happened; by then it is often to late to avert a serious loss.

Understand your current financial position

With QuickView™ you will be able to see your cash ratio number along with a color-coded indicator so you know whether or not you are above or below industry standards. This Ratio is a KPI that cannot be overlooked.

See your Project Profit margin at a company level, as well as your current month’s billings.

It is very easy to look at the overall profit margin of your firm, however, if a particular project is falling below your margin threshold you need to know about it quickly in order to take action. With QuickView™ you no longer need to worry about surprises at the end of the week or month, you see it in real time, saving you from potentially costly overruns.

Identify all the Jobs that are at Risk and the Margin Erosion exposure.

QuickView™ identifies all of the active jobs that are at risk of over spending. Using our proprietary algorithm that includes comparing estimates to actual costs the system can determine which of your jobs are at Risk. With one look you will instantly know the number of jobs that are currently at risk and the total Margin Erosion associated with those at risk jobs.

Insight into the most critical items that need attention in the next 30 days.

By utilizing all of your existing data, along with the new information that it as added on a daily basis, we can predict what items have the potential of being at risk. Access to this type of information becomes critical in todays competitive environment.