Remote Time Entry

Labor Management & Field Reporting System

Construction and Real Estate companies have repeatedly told us that one of their more challenging operations is receiving timely and accurate time and attendance information from the field. This can become a significant problem in efficiency and profitability over time that can erode margins.

Pronovos Remote Time Entry is always standing watch on your team, 24/7. RTE is all about saving you time and reducing data entry errors, which can be costly, and time consuming.

Pronovos™ can be prefilled from the previous pay period including job codes, cost codes, etc. making time entry quick and efficient for employees, administrators and field operations teams. However, you can also use Pronovos™ to track equipment time, delivery receipts, units completed by day, by job, and by Project Manager, just as an example.

With Pronovos™, you no longer need to wait until you’re in the office to enter key points in time, you can do it from any device with an Internet connection. Best of all, Pronovos™ is fully integrated with Sage 300 CRE through the Pronovos™ FastSync technology.