Who attended the TUG 2016 conference and where did they come from?

It was such a pleasure attending this year’s TUG conference.  I don’t know about you, but the energy was nothing short of exciting and motivating.

I met so many people from different parts of the country and various markets, that I thought it would be interesting to see some analytics around the attendees. For the non-numbers people, please please give me 15 more seconds because this get’s interesting (at least I think so)…

We had more than 900 attendees join this year’s conference and that speaks heavily to our economy, company’s willingness to invest in its employees and our dedication to the group.

As I explored the data to gain a better understand of the attendee list, I found it quite interesting to learn some statistics about our group.  Please find my analysis below.  BTW, I used ProNovos Construction Analytics to perform the analysis (shameless plug)

Where did they come from?


 The green states represent the highest concentration and the red states are those that represented the least (what’s up with the northeast).

Which Sage Products do they use?

Our Sage 300 users really crushed it as they represented 71% of the attendees. 100 customers came in second at 11%.

What market sector are they in?

I found this to be very interesting.  General Contractors made up 22% and 10% of the attendees were Special Contractors.

Next year’s TUG conference has great promise. It will be hosted in beautiful Minnesota and hopefully we will be seeing some great new features from Sage by then.

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