Get the most out of your project data with stunning visualizations.





Traditional reports are powerful business tools, but when it comes to exploring data and discovering hidden trends, relationships, and patterns, there’s nothing quite like a good visualization. Pronovos comes with a large, flexible, and easily extensible library of interactive graphs, advanced visualizations, and maps that make understanding your data easier than ever before.




Designed for seamless interactivity.

All visualizations in Pronovos, both out-of-the-box and custom extended options, offer a high level of interactivity that allows users to slice and dice data. Add filters, thresholds, page-bys, and create groupings in just a few clicks to see data just the way you want to. Build metrics on the fly, enable reference lines, and add predictive trend lines to visualizations to further enhance analysis.




Unleash your inner designer.

Pronovos provides intuitive context sensitive right-click actions that make formatting a snap. Users have fine-grained control over how they want their visualizations to look–from text size, to background colors, to the size and shape of plotted data points, it’s all in your hands.