Construction Analytics: 2-min videos #5

Build Dashboards in Seconds…

Contractors spend hours, days or even weeks working on their spreadsheets. We’ve found that 85% of the time spent on spreadsheets is spent creating and manipulating data and only 15% is spent using their expertise doing skilled analysis.


Spreadsheet work is a grind. Most of the work involves repetitive tasks where it is way too easy to make mistakesContractors waste countless of hours in spreadsheets fiddling around with formatting to make it look good, tracing formula errors, reconciling data changes, cutting and pasting, the list goes on and on…


Spreadsheets have worked very well for most contractors in the past.  However, you are busier now more than ever, you are collecting  and tracking more data, have more applications and the jobs are more complicated.


Luckily, there is a solution.  ProNovos Construction Analytics is a cloud-based solution that integrates your existing data from your any application and best of all, it is EASY to use.


Just how easy is it?  In less than 2 minutes we will show you how to build a data driven Job Cost dashboard that can be used on any device.

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