Ensure complete accuracy in tracking all billings, leaving no revenue unaccounted for.

Project Billings

Prioritize a robust and proactive billing strategy to maintain a positive cash flow throughout the project.

Track the percentage billed on a project and see monthly project costs and billing amounts to ensure the project does not have a net underbilling.

Visualize how costs, billings, and cash have been trending to identify improvements in billing practices.

Company Monthly Billings

  • Get a snapshot across all projects with costs and monthly billings to ensure invoicing at sufficient levels that cover your costs.
  • Keep track of jobs that have yet to be billed to ensure your project managers stay up-to-date on invoicing.
  • See which projects are missing monthly billings and the expected invoice amount based on the monthly costs and the remaining amount to bid.

Revenue Analysis Dashboard

  • Analyze your top customers by revenue, project performance, and payment habits.
  • Quickly identify profit fade or gain across projects you have performed for a customer to understand where your team performs the best.

“It’s powerful; ProNovos really shows our guys why some of these jobs were still negative cash. They could see at a glance how much they needed to bill as well as average lead times for customers. As a result, we improved our cash position by about $1 million in 45 days.”

Casey Dillon

President & CEO, Atlas Excavating

“It has simplified my life immensely! As a PM, the Billing Dashboard is user-friendly and has easy-to-use graphs and charts. Prior to ProNovos, we had to go through many reports and hoops to find the same information.”

Kristen F

Sr. Project Manager, Industrial Power Solutions

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