Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your questions about our platform. If you need more help, our team is just a click away.

What is ProNovos?

ProNovos is a premier cloud-based analytical and financial workflow solution built for construction businesses. We streamline complex data into simplified user-specific dashboards and workflows for executives, financial managers, and the project team. The ProNovos team and partner network consist of seasoned professionals across the project management, technology, and financial advisor disciplines within construction.

What is ProNovos pricing?

User licenses are annual and start at $1,500/user with tiered discounts based on user count. Plus a one-time implementation fee, which starts at $4,000. 

Does ProNovos integrate with our existing ERP?

ProNovos seamlessly integrates with many of the popular ERPs in construction for a quick implementation process. See the complete list of active integrations.

Can customization be built into the platform?

It depends on what the customization is. For an additional fee, ProNovos offers professional services for custom requests to configure reports and workflows. Our sales team is happy to meet with you to understand your needs better.

How does ProNovos help with financial forecasting and budgeting?

ProNovos offers advanced financial forecasting tools and uses your real-time data to project revenue, costs, and cash flow in one spot. See brief video overviews of features.

How often does data sync into ProNovos?

Data sync into ProNovos occurs daily, ensuring up-to-date information for users’ needs.

Can you export data and reports out of the software to share?

Users can export updated reports from ProNovos into a PDF, CSV, or Excel file.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation will vary based on the ERP and the data sync. The initial QA can take as little as 24 hours, up to 5 business days. ProNovos guarantees that we will have your ERP data integrated into the workflows and dashboards within the first 30 days, provided that the implementation schedule is diligently followed and there are no delays or conflicts beyond our control caused by the client. Your sales rep will discuss your implementation timeline with you.

Does ProNovos require extensive training?

ProNovos is user-friendly and designed for ease of use. Live training is available, but many users find the platform intuitive and can get started quickly. Read client success stories.

How can I get started with ProNovos?

To get started, request a demo to get in contact with sales, who can provide you with information on the product, implementation, and pricing options.

Is there a limited number of users I must have to use ProNovos?

The minimum number of users is 5 per account; there is no limit to the total number of users.

Is ProNovos only for construction financial professionals?

ProNovos’ analytics and financial workflows are created specifically for construction professionals in the office and field. ProNovos has user-specific reports and workflows for C-Suite, financial managers, and the project team.

Are there different permissions settings within ProNovos so we can control what information users have access to?

Yes, within ProNovos, you have the flexibility to control permissions at multiple levels. Not only can you set permissions at the overall project level, but you can also fine-tune access at the specific report and functionality level. This ensures that users only have access to the information that’s relevant to their roles, helping maintain data integrity and security.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

ProNovos accepts payment in the form of ACH and credit card.

Do you offer free trials?

ProNovos does not offer free trials. We offer free preliminary data syncs and a demonstration of your data in ProNovos for select ERPs. Contact the sales team to learn more.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees; the pricing structure is a recurring fee based on user count plus a one-time implementation fee to integrate the data source. Customization requests to reports and workflows are an ad hoc fee.