Published September 14, 2023 . 3 mins read

Gideon Contractors

Accelerated time-to-insight into strategic financial reports allows Gideon's leadership to capitalize on investment opportunities

Gideon Constructors, a fully licensed commercial general contractor headquartered in Valdosta, GA, has swiftly established itself as a key player in the industry since its founding in 2021 by President Brett Diamon, a seasoned construction veteran. Undertaking projects spanning from $50,000 to $10 million, the company specializes in diverse services including steel fabrication, concrete work, and demolition. As the company expands its reach across the country into states such as Connecticut, Florida, Oregon, and Texas, they sought a way to streamline their operations and achieve real-time financial clarity.

Key Highlights:

  • Accelerated time-to-insight into strategic financial metrics such as projected profits that facilitate investment decisions to capitalize on opportunities
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting and cash flow metrics through automated data flow
  • Reduced manual workload with double data entry, errors, and reliance on Excel spreadsheets

What ProNovos is doing is fantastic. I’m excited to see what they are giving us and where they are going.

Brett Diamon
President, Gideon Constructors

As a company with a dispersed presence, Gideon Constructors addressed the growing need for centralizing project financial data and gaining quicker time-to-insight across all projects and the business. Frequent travel and the dynamic nature of construction operations required a cohesive platform that simplified the rigorous reporting demands and put timely information just a few clicks away at everyone’s fingertips.

President Brett Diamon pinpointed the excessive time dedicated to manipulating Excel spreadsheets and hunting for data in the accounting software as a hindrance to productive decision-making. In particular, the rigorous process of compiling data taking 2–3 hours per job to create the Work-in-Progress (WIP) Report consumed valuable time, slowing efficient communication to external stakeholders, like the surety.

Empowerment with Real-Time Financial Workflows & Analytics 

In early 2023, Gideon Constructors integrated ProNovos into their operations, ushering in a transformative era of streamlined financial management. ProNovos provided an integrated platform that allowed easy access to financial data from any location. Diamon used the Executive dashboard, WIP Report, and Job Costs Report as instrumental tools that expedited financial analysis and projections. He noted, “ProNovos provides quick, easy checks on our financials versus having to hunt down the data then perform extensive calculations.” The shift from manual data manipulation to real-time insights significantly reduced the time spent on report preparation and provided a quick gauge into vital financial metrics. Diamon noted in regards to some of the out-of-the-box dashboards offered such as the financial ratios that it’s been invaluable to simplify complex financial concepts for the construction industry. He added, “It’s a good refresher and being able to translate it from CPA speak into construction speak was something that was important to not just myself but our folks.”

Gaining Peace of Mind into Strategic Decision-making

The adoption of ProNovos resulted in tangible benefits for Gideon Constructors. Diamon said that the platform enabled him to project profits, thereby facilitating informed decisions regarding investments in personnel and equipment. “ProNovos gives me the ability to see our projected profits which helps us with making decisions to invest in people and equipment. I can see if August or July is going to be a great month and I’ve got an opportunity to hire.”

This accessibility of having real-time data a few clicks away provides Brett with peace of mind and empowers strategic financial decision-making. Importantly, the ability to monitor estimated cost-to-complete versus actuals aids in cost control. “Having all this information at your fingertips is very viable to me,” he stated. The company’s intent to integrate account receivables data within ProNovos underscores the platform’s role in optimizing cash flow management and collections.

ProNovos provides quick, easy checks on our financials versus having to hunt down the data then perform extensive calculations.

Brett Diamon
President, Gideon Constructors

The Road Ahead

Diamon’s advice to potential ProNovos adopters echoed a message of patience and optimism. Recognizing the platform’s evolving capabilities, he sees ProNovos as a strong market contender, underscoring the value it brings to the construction industry. He characterized the platform’s offering as “fantastic” and expressed eagerness to witness its continued growth and development.

Gideon Constructors’ partnership with ProNovos serves as an exemplar of how technology can harmonize with construction expertise to enhance operational efficiency and financial decision-making. As Gideon Constructors anticipates further growth and a heightened focus on self-performed work, ProNovos stands as a reliable ally, poised to drive their success by providing data-driven insights and streamlined operations.

I know what ProNovos can already do and I feel like they are going be a strong player in the market.

Brett Diamon
President, Gideon Constructors

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