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Construction Webinar Highlights Benefits of Integrating Contractors’ Project-Management and Accounting Systems


–Online event on February 10 focuses on experience of national contractor Zernco, Inc., in working with ProNovos to integrate data, build custom dashboards and roll out project-management solutions.

ATLANTA (2/5/21)–ProNovos and Zernco, Inc., will explore best practices in data-driven project-management during a half-hour webinar on Wednesday, February 10, at 1 p.m. ET/noon CT.

During the webinar, Zernco President Scott Marko will share his experience in working with ProNovos on solutions designed to streamline his national contracting firm’s office and field operations. Based in Wichita, Kansas, Marko’s firm has built more than 7,000 projects in 34 states since 1991, with a strong focus on retail and business facilities such as restaurants, c-stores and supermarkets. 

Atlanta-based ProNovos creates project- and resource-management solutions for construction contractors and brings advanced data-warehousing and analytics capabilities to users of Foundation, Viewpoint, Sage, Procore and many other construction applications.

Sharing his screen on Zoom, Marko will give attendees a look at Zernco’s new project-management dashboard and its ability handle photos, daily reports, safety forms and more.

Prior to signing up with ProNovos in 2020, Zernco already had a project-management platform. However, that system did not integrate with the company’s construction accounting system.

Marko wanted to bridge the two platforms and eliminate the need to manually enter data into both systems. In addition, admins would no longer have to spend time rechecking those double entries to make sure the numbers lined up.

Zernco is now able to pull accounting data into ProNovos in real time, and project managers can do all of their cost-to-complete forecasting in the cloud-based, mobile-optimized platform. 

As Marko will demonstrate during the webinar, the benefits include having project budget line-item adjustments automatically appear in the work-in-progress report. “It gives us the ability to see the financial health of each project at a glance,” he explains. “Before, the process of making adjustments to forecasted costs-to-complete was very manual.”

As a result of integrating the two software platforms and eliminating double entries, Zernco is saving at least $18,000 a year on labor costs. Combined with ProNovos’ much-lower software fees, the company’s total annual savings are at least $50,000 a year, Marko says.

He will also describe Zernco’s ongoing project with ProNovos to build a customized WIP dashboard designed to give the contractor details about current jobs in real time.

“We have greatly enjoyed working with Scott on these projects and are grateful to him for taking the time to share his experience with others in the industry,” said Bruce Orr, founder of ProNovos and the company’s Chief Data Scientist. “If you’re interested in taking construction data to the next level at your company, we’d be thrilled if you could join us.” 

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