Published October 13, 2022 . 3 mins read

CPA Firms Partner with Analytics Provider ProNovos to Better Serve U.S. Construction Contractors

Top-ranked accounting, tax and advisory firms provide financial backing and forge strategic partnerships with the Atlanta-based construction tech startup, extending its national reach


ATLANTA (10/13/22)—ProNovos has partnered with eight major CPA firms to bring data-driven insights to construction contractors across the United States.

“In addition to being some of the most-respected accounting, tax and advisory firms in the construction industry, these companies share something else as well—a deep commitment to helping contractors be the best they can be,” said Bruce Orr, founder and Chief Data Scientist of ProNovos. “We’re thrilled to announce these eight new relationships—and counting. This is a major milestone for our company and a powerful affirmation of our mission.”

The CPA firms, several of which have provided financial backing to ProNovos as part of the agreements, work with hundreds of contractors all over the country.

ProNovos will give contractors working with these companies fast and easy access to its technologies and analytics solutions. Armed with ProNovos tools, the CPA firms’ construction leaders will provide their contractor clients with strategic and managerial advice to help reduce their risk, protect their profit margins and better position them for the future.

Heavily represented in INSIDE Public Accounting’s 2022 rankings of Top 100 and Top 200 CPA firms, the eight new ProNovos partners are:

  • Columbus, Ohio-based GBQ Partners, which serves construction contractors across Ohio and the Midwest
  • Albuquerque-based REDW LLC, one of the largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms in the Southwest
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma-based HoganTaylor LLP, which boasts a large roster of contractor clients in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas
  • Atlanta-based Smith + Howard , which brings more than 50 years of construction-industry experience to its contractor clients nationwide
  • Indianapolis-based Somerset CPAs and Advisors, which serves contractors in the Midwest and across the country
  • Boston-based AAFCPAs, which primarily serves contractors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Salina, Kansas-based Pinion (formerly KCoe Isom), which serves community-based contractors across the United States via 22 different offices
  • Portland, Oregon-based Perkins & Co, an award-winning CPA firm that also maintains an office in Vancouver, Washington, and primarily serves specialty contractors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California

Incubated at Atlanta Tech Village, ProNovos has teamed with project managers, C-suite executives and construction-management academicians to build a suite of cloud-connected, mobile-ready analytical tools for the construction industry.

Contractors can use these tools to get paid faster, automate lagging financial instruments like the WIP and change course as needed based on real-time views of leading indicators. “In our experience, using ProNovos gradually shifts contractors’ perception of their data,” Orr said. “They start to see it as an essential part of the decision-making process rather than a means to an end.”

The potential for ProNovos to spur such progress is part of its appeal to new ProNovos partners like Somerset CPAs and Advisors.

“Incremental gains can add up to game-changing impacts over time,” said Somerset Principal Ken Hedlund (CPA, CGMA), a 30-year construction veteran and leader of Somerset’s dedicated AEC practice. “Our view is that no matter how good you are today you can always get better.”

ProNovos also allows contractors to step back from the day-to-day minutiae of management decision-making and Microsoft Excel manipulation and better assess their overall performance, added Bob Biehl (CPA, CCIFP), Director of Construction Industry Services for GBQ.

“Our clients’ controllers and other financial decision-makers are increasingly interested in gleaning more insights from their data, all in one place,” Biehl said. “At GBQ, empowering our clients’ growth is a top priority, so we’re excited about this partnership. The bottom line is that having more information helps contractors make better decisions.”

More detailed information on each strategic relationship can be found at:


At ProNovos: pr@pronovos.com; Bruce Orr, bruce@pronovos.com, (678) 908-0087.