Published March 18, 2024 . 0 min read

Financial Fluency: Conquering Over and Under Billings in Construction

Are over and underbillings causing headaches in your construction projects? Discover the key strategies to navigate these financial complexities and optimize your project’s success with our comprehensive eBook.

Unlock the key strategies and insights to ensure healthy cash flow for your projects

You will learn:

Understanding Over and Underbillings. Gain insight into the causes and implications of over and underbillings in construction financial management.

Importance for Project Managers. Learn why project managers must grasp over and underbillings and their proactive management strategies.

Proactive Management Strategies. Explore practical tips and techniques for effectively managing over and underbillings, ensuring financial stability and project success.

Accountability and Improvement. Implement performance metrics and KPIs to hold teams accountable for meeting billing objectives. Continuously refine billing processes based on feedback for ongoing improvement.