Published March 2, 2018 . 0 min read

For Construction Professionals

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Are you a professional in the construction industry?

If so, then are you using Pronovos, the leading construction analytics platform? If the answer is no, then you may want to read on…

Most construction companies would like to eliminate headaches by placing tighter controls around costimprove production rates and minimize the risk for compliance problems. You may be using the reports from your accounting software that reveals half of the information that you need or you might be sending spreadsheets around in an email chain to your PMs or Superintendents.

A good analytics tool allows you to streamline your internal processes to ensure every project’s labor rate and production rate is at an acceptable level. This keeps your cost low and allows your PMs to fix issues in real-time, before it’s too late.

Here’s why construction companies turn to Pronovos and why you should consider it as well:

  • Pronovos integrates with any system so that you have centralized information to ensure job performance compliance.
  • Automated notifications when issues arise alerting you to issues that you might be unaware of.
  • Gain the satisfaction of your PMs with easy-to-use data input forms for adjusted cost, quantity and hours.
  • State-of-the-art reporting and analytics gives management 100% visibility into all systems, helping to improve productivity and drive down costs.

There isn’t enough space here to list all of the benefits of Pronovos, especially when each one of you has a unique situation in which our software could be utilized. Contact us today to set up a free 30-minute consultation where our expert consultants will listen to your pain points, needs and concerns, and help you come to a solution that’s the best fit for your business.

About the author:

Bruce Orr is the Chief Data Scientist at Pronovos Construction Analytics. Pronovos provides affordable analytical solutions for contracting firms that utilize ERP software from Sage, Viewpoint, Procore, Foundation, SAP, Jonas, Accubuild and many others.