Published May 19, 2024 . 3 mins read

Frank Di Lorenzo Joins ProNovos as Vice President of Solutions

Atlanta, GA, May 19, 2024—ProNovos Construction Financial Intelligence, a leading construction financial analytics company, today announced Frank Di Lorenzo’s appointment as Vice President of Solutions.

“ProNovos is thrilled to announce that Frank Di Lorenzo has joined the team as Vice President of Solutions. Hailing from the Boston area, Frank brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for construction technology to ProNovos,” said Bruce Orr, ProNovos CEO & Chief Data Scientist. 

Frank began his career in Boston, following his passion for construction technology. He later moved to Sacramento and founded Con-Tec Management, Inc., which provided implementation and consulting services to Sage ERP clients. Over the course of 17 years, Frank built Con-Tec into a highly respected firm before selling the company. He then expanded his expertise by working with several prominent ERP solutions, including Viewpoint, COINS, and Acumatica, as well as Project Management solutions such as Prolog and Red Team. Frank developed a keen interest in Data Analytics during his career, particularly centered around Viewpoint Vista. He learned the immense value that KPIs, dashboards, and data visuals bring to construction teams, helping them optimize performance and drive success.

After a fulfilling four-year focus on Data Analytics, Frank decided to retire from the industry. However, his retirement was short-lived. Impressed by ProNovos’ vision and platform and recognizing the shared commitment to revolutionizing the industry, Frank eagerly decided to join the team after thorough due diligence. “We are excited to welcome Frank Di Lorenzo to the ProNovos family. Frank’s commitment to the industry, passion for education, and vision for the future align perfectly with our mission. We are confident that his leadership will be instrumental in driving our solutions forward and serving our clients,” said Samantha Lake, COO of ProNovos.

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ProNovos provides cutting-edge cloud-based business intelligence solutions and services that empower construction contractors to discover new opportunities, make informed decisions, save costs, and mitigate risks. This actionable intelligence is accessible anytime, anywhere, catering to superintendents, project managers, accountants, estimators, C-suite executives, and other decision-makers. For more information on ProNovos, please visit ProNovos.com.

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