Published February 13, 2024 . 2 mins read

Meet the Staff: Shea Wirsing

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Flipz (chocolate covered pretzels).

Do you have children?
I have two boys. I grew up with four brothers so I love being a boy mom.

What is your favorite movie?
When Harry Met Sally

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate?
Christmas. It’s the only holiday that we get to celebrate basically the whole month, and I love sharing the traditions I had growing up with my own family.

How did you get into construction technology?
I began my career working with a leading Sage reseller partner. I enjoyed my job and the clients we worked with, so joining ProNovos and becoming re-acquainted with the industry was an easy choice.

When did you join ProNovos?
Summer of 2023.

Where did you grow up at?
Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

What energizes you at work?
Strategizing and problem solving; whether it’s building a plan to meet revenue goals, or working through an objection a prospective client has, I love being able to come to a solution, especially if that involves collaborating with colleagues.

What is something you can never over invest in?

What have you learned about being a leader?
That it’s not something that just comes with title or tenure. A true leader is one who inspires others to be the best version of themselves.
“A boss has a title, a leader has the people,” Simon Sinek.