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ProNovos Launches Operations-Focused Platform for Construction Biz

–New Operations Manager software gives construction companies a faster, easier and more insightful way to track, manage and analyze key data on bids, resources, equipment, schedules and more.

ATLANTA (10/23/18) – Construction tech startup ProNovos today announced the launch of Operations Manager—software that ramps up contractors’ profitability in groundbreaking ways.

The cloud-based platform empowers contractors to track and manage bids, crews, equipment, punch lists, blueprints, requests for information and more in an easy-to-use interface. The software owes its origins to extensive contractor surveys conducted by Pronovos in 2017, said Bruce Orr, founder and Chief Data Scientist of the Atlanta-based company.

“The contractors we surveyed described having too many applications that were too hard to use, too expensive and inadequately integrated with other apps,” he explained. “We worked closely with construction professionals to create a platform that solves those problems.”

Those experts included Mikeal Kanouff, Washington Area Operations Manager for Eldorado Hills, Calif.-based McClone Construction, and other members of the national contracting firm.

“What makes money for contractors is operations—getting jobs completed,” Kanouff said. “Busy construction professionals don’t have time to master four to six different pieces of software, all opened and closed separately, and all with different logins, passwords, limitations and quirks. In working with Operations Manager, first as a beta test and now as a mature application rolled out to our entire company, we have been thrilled with the way it gives us new insights, better information and greater efficiency.”

ProNovos designed the software to help commercial contractors manage their workflows from beginning to end. While Operations Manager seamlessly integrates with major accounting systems and other industry apps, Orr explains, it also solves problems not addressed by other platforms.

“At ProNovos, we’re evangelists for the specific data analytics that are most effective for maximizing construction operations today,” Orr noted. “The unique thing about Operations Manager is that every piece of data that flows into the ProNovos platform permeates into our powerful analytics engine as well. If you want insights into virtually any aspect of your business, it can generate that report quickly and easily.”

For McClone Construction, which worked with ProNovos to configure Operations Manager for its specific workflows, these capabilities have already proven invaluable, Kanouff said.

The software has enhanced McClone’s capabilities in areas such as equipment tracking, which saves the company time and money, he said. “If you have 10 or 15 different jobs that are going on all at the same time, and multiple teams are requesting the same pieces of equipment, that can create costly bottlenecks,” Kanouff said. “Now we’re able to track and follow it wherever it is, everything from multiple units to a specific forklift with a unique ID.”

McClone is also using the software to run reports that show exactly what crew resources are available for jobs—critical in today’s tight labor market. “All of our projects flow into the analytics engine, instead of being in silos, so now we can slice and dice that data,” Kanouff said. “We can gauge whether an individual project superintendent has the capacity to work on a project we want to bid on, or see when and where our teams in the field will be, anywhere in the country.”

The ability to make decisions based on data rather than guesstimates is a must in today’s tight construction market, Orr adds. “Too many companies still live in disconnected spreadsheets,” he said. “With Operations Manager, contractors are able to see exactly the data they want, including all kinds of reports that simply weren’t available before. It’s business intelligence—and it gives them an edge.”

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