As a Construction Financial Manager (CFM), there’s a great deal of time and effort that goes into preparing the monthly financials. After countless hours of reconciliation, you’re responsible for distributing this information to owners, executives and managers, hoping for a high level of engagement. Most CFMs would like to see their audience spend more time reviewing this information and making decisions off of it. That when ProNovos and its mobile financial analytics solution comes in handy.

The problem that we are hearing from most CEOs is that traditional financial statements, while valuable, are retrospective and only provide a view of the past. Traditional financials lack the ability to reveal how the business will most likely perform in the coming weeks, months, or years.

At ProNovos, we have listened to hundreds of CEOs and CFMs of construction firms and this is their definition of The Best Mobile Financial Analytics Dashboard Ever:

  1. Something that includes benchmark ratios and tell me when we are above or below the standard.
  2. Something with indicators that tell me if we are improving month over month.
  3. I spend a lot of time traveling, so I want to see this data on my iPad.
  4. Show me what is relevant and if I want more information, then let me drill down.
  5. Give me the ability to collaborate with my team from within the platform.
  6. As a CFM I want the CEO to see traditional financial metrics, but make it more attractive.


Introducing ProNovos Mobile Financial Analytics, The Best Financial Dashboard Ever. Click below for the 2 minute video.