Published July 10, 2024 . 7 mins read

Hive Five! Buzzing Updates to the Beeswarm Chart, Project Navigation, Table Grouping, WIP, and Cost Forecast

At ProNovos, our mission has always been to empower contractors with actionable insights and innovative tools. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to share some significant updates designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow.

Pin your favorite projects

Navigating through your projects just got easier. We’ve updated the recent projects dropdown to allow you to pin the projects you access most frequently. This new addition, combined with a refreshed design, ensures that your go-to projects are always just a click away.

Enhanced WIP module with new columns

Understanding your project performance is crucial, and we’ve added new columns to the WIP module to provide deeper insights:

  • YTD Billings: Keep track of your project’s billings for the current year.
  • Prev Month Cost, Revenue, and Profit: Gain a clear view of your project’s financial performance over the previous month.
  • Last Review Date: See when the last project review was submitted for each project, helping you keep track of review schedules and ensuring timely updates.

These additions aim to give you a more detailed financial overview and help with making informed decisions faster.

Refined profit margin beeswarm chart

Our updated Profit Margin Beeswarm chart now features resized bubbles, making it easier than ever to visualize your projects’ profit margins and spot trends at a glance.

Consistent group by functionality

For a smoother user experience, we’ve updated the group-by functionality in the WIP module to match the style in the Cost Forecast. Now, navigating and analyzing your data is seamless, no matter the module.

Continuous improvements to Cost Forecast

Since launching our cost forecast tool, we’ve been on a mission to perfect it based on your feedback:

    • Group by Cost Code Group: A new feature for more detailed grouping, enhancing project cost management.
    • Bug Fixes: We’ve squashed bugs in the forecast tracker, root cause adjustment chart, and workspace saving functionalities for a smoother, more reliable experience.
    • Delta Column (+/-): Keep an eye on budget variances with our new delta column, showing the difference between budgeted and final costs.

These updates are part of our ongoing journey to make ProNovos a powerful, user-friendly tool for contractors. Your feedback is our compass, and we’re excited to see how these enhancements help you manage your projects more effectively.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of the ProNovos community. Stay tuned for more updates!