Published March 8, 2024 .

Elevating Efficiency: Insights from Women in Construction

Join us for an empowering webinar in celebration of Women in Construction Week, featuring a dynamic panel of leading women in the field. You will hear from Angela Cotie with ETX, Sarah Shores with OTL, Tori Terrell with Design Electric, and Samantha Lake with ProNovos. Gain exclusive access to their invaluable insights on achieving operational excellence as they explore strategies, tactics, and trends shaping the industry’s landscape.

Discover proven techniques to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, optimize workflows, allocate resources effectively, and manage time efficiently. Learn strategies for fostering a positive company environment by building strong relationships, promoting teamwork, and ensuring inclusivity. Explore cutting-edge technology and trends in construction, leveraging them to boost productivity and gain buy-in for new technologies. Key takeaways include actionable tips for optimizing operations, improving project collaboration, and cultivating a positive company culture in construction projects.