Published February 21, 2024 .

Strategic Financial Leadership: Enhancing Construction Project through KPIs

Welcome to the recorded session of our highly informative webinar on enhancing construction project with financial KPIs. Whether you’re a construction leader, project manager, or industry professional seeking to enhance your financial acumen, this session is packed with invaluable insights from Brian Muncy with CBIZ-Somerset and Bobby Gonzales, Bruce Orr, and John O’Bryan with ProNovos

In this video, you’ll dive into:

  1. Common Financial KPIs: Gain insights into fundamental indicators crucial for sustained success in construction businesses.
  2. Empowering Project Managers: Equip yourself with essential KPIs in profit margins, change orders, billings, and schedule management for effective decision-making and project oversight.
  3. Financial Acumen for Non-Financial Professionals: Increase your financial understanding, regardless of your background within the construction industry.
  4. Project Financial Oversight: Discover strategies for creating automated systems to manage, review, and approve crucial financial KPIs.
  5. Transformative KPI Strategies: Understand how leading KPIs can influence lagging indicators for improved project outcomes.
  6. Tools and Analytics for Profitability: Learn about essential tools and analytics needed to boost project profitability.