Published July 27, 2023 .

Project Overview

Welcome to our in-depth 2-minute video covering the Project Overview dashboard within ProNovos. This dashboard is designed specifically to empower project managers with a complete view of their projects. Managing a project efficiently and profitably requires accurate financial insights, and that’s exactly what the Project Overview dashboard offers.

Key Features:

  • Financial metrics into revised contract value, revised budget, earned revenue, job-to-date (JTD) expenses, billed-to-date amounts, over & under billings and profit margins
  • Change orders are presented in a comprehensive breakdown, allowing you to easily track their status and impact on project finances. Stay informed about changes and make necessary adjustments promptly
  • Monitor a project’s profit margin against the projected final contract and cost amounts. Spot trends and deviations early on, ensuring your project stays on a profitable track
  • Explore a summary of all budget adjustments to gain insights into what’s going well and identify areas that need improvement
  • A detailed breakdown of costs and hours expended by month