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July 8 Webinar Highlights Money-Saving Approaches to Equipment-Management in Construction


ProNovos-sponsored event aims to give construction contractors new strategies for maximizing the efficiency of their equipment programs.


ATLANTA (07/01/20)–A July 8 webinar focuses on how construction contractors can save huge amounts of money through strategic approaches to equipment management.


Without adequate transparencies and controls in their equipment programs, some contractors can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over time due to chronic inefficiencies, noted Mikeal Kanouff, Washington Area Operations Manager for El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based McClone Construction Co., and the presenter of the webinar.


“That’s because manual methods, as opposed to analytics-based equipment-management, can force them to do things like repeatedly shut down yards to count and recount equipment,” Kanouff explained.


Lack of transparency also means that contractors can end up relying on guesswork-related project estimates, which can dramatically undervalue their equipment costs. Meanwhile, one of the hallmarks of an inefficient approach—excessive downtime—can undermine the profitability of contractors’ equipment operations, Kanouff said.


The hourlong event on Zoom—“Follow the Data: Saving Money & Time with Equipment Analytics”—is  sponsored by Atlanta-based ProNovos. It begins at 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT.


Kanouff has spent the past few years ramping up the efficiency of McClone Construction’s equipment-management program. During the webinar—an open format with an interactive Q&A throughout—Kanouff will cover topics such as:


  • the importance of capturing costs associated with equipment;
  • how to stop undervaluing equipment costs in project estimates; and
  • how advanced data visualizations can improve equipment-related decision-making.


Getting equipment-management right was no small issue for McClone. Founded in 1975, the company specializes in equipment-intensive, structural concrete and concrete formwork projects across the country.


“Previously, we struggled at times to be confident that we had an accurate account of the equipment in our yards and on our jobs,” Kanouff noted. “Now we have a highly accurate audit log and real-time access to all kinds of equipment-related analytics. The switch to data-driven resource-management has made a huge difference for us.”


“As an ‘evangelist’ for the power of data in construction, I’m very grateful to Mikeal for his willingness to take some time and share with his colleagues what he has learned about equipment-management,” said Bruce Orr, Chief Data Scientist at ProNovos. “This will be a fascinating and educational presentation for operations and other construction-industry decision-makers.”


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