Published May 6, 2022 . 0 min read

Highlights from ‘Bridging the Information Gap Between Office & Field’

While construction pros increasingly understand the benefits of using a cloud-based platform to connect the office and the field, what does a “connected team” actually look like in today’s construction industry? 

Subcontractors’ curiosity about that question explains why the conference room was so packed this past March during “Bridging the Information Gap Between Office & Field,” a presentation by ProNovos at the Foundation User Conference.

If you missed that event, we just did a 30-minute Foundation Partner webinar where we covered a few of the same topics explored during the conference. Below are some highlights.

The webinar featured: 

  • ProNovos Founder and Chief Data Scientist Bruce Orr, a 20-year veteran of data analytics with years of experience working with construction subcontractors;
  • ProNovos Solutions Engineer Kevin Bright, who previously managed dozens of complex and high-profile projects in his 7-year career at specialty subcontractor OTL; and
  • Eric D. Vittardi, Market Development Manager at Foundation Software, who moderated the event.

If you’re a user of Foundation Software and want to give ProNovos a spin, we are offering a free data sync and 30-day trial of our platform for a limited time.