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Construction Analytics: Where Processes and Goals Align


construction analytics on site

Analytics can be vital to companies that generate a high volume of data like the construction industry. This information includes profit control, productivity, quality, duration and possible safety concerns. Construction analytics provide insights into how your company is performing from top to bottom. Light is shed on blind spots that could cause bigger problems later. A clear vision of these possible outcomes put you in a position to weather the storms of slow times. Plenty of things can and will go wrong on a job site. It is important to learn from the past in order to create a more efficient and profitable future. Using analytics allows your firm to take a proactive approach before breaking ground.

Industry Trends

With a better understanding of needs comes a stronger understanding of industry trends. Analytics can highlight certain triggers that lead to the economic downturn, and booms that impact the industry as a whole. Insight to these likely situations puts you in a position to weather the storms of slow times and fully capitalize on times of prosperity. To put it simply, construction analytics can provide you answers to questions. Drawing on insight that can lead you and your team to ask, “If this is true, then what else?” Analytics provides an understanding of issues that may have never been noticed. They can also influence decision makers to ask questions that may have never come to mind. Answers to existing questions will make a construction firm good; answers to new, deeper questions will make it great.

Getting Started With Analytics

Data is complex and unique to each organization. Upon implementation, ProNovos offers a one day workshop and training session to help understand your company’s goals. Analytics breaks down your data into separate facets. This illustrates how your existing data is being used to inform certain decisions around customers, contracts, jobs and vendors. Together, you take a look at the type of reports you are currently using, map your data to ProNovos and drive adoption across the organization. This allows ProNovos to understand your goals and help you reach a more favorable outcome.

ProNovos’ core values include curiosity and learning. Analytics educate and empower users to proactively approach challenges and roadblocks with an open mind. You don’t know what you don’t know. When trying to understand analytics many people aren’t confident about what they are looking for or how to utilize the data to find the answers. Asking the right questions can open doors to more efficient processes and validate the removal of ineffective practices. Analytics serves as a beacon to the most desirable outcome. We can’t see the future but past behaviors can point toward future trends.

ProNovos provides support at implementation and throughout the entire analytics experience. Contact Us now for a free demo to see how predictive analytics can lead to more desirable results.

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