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We automate the transfer and
integration of data from your
business software to a single
Analytics Platform.


All-in-one construction project
management tool that connects
your office and field operations to
increase accountability, visibility
and collaboration among all
stakeholders in the project.


Project managers, foremen, superintendents, estimators and engineers
use ProNovos solutions to save money, mitigate risks and improve
project productivity.

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Right out of the box, ProNovos allows General Contractors to spot trends faster and make more accurate predictions. Key personnel in accounting, finance, IT and the c-suite gain the ability to run automated reports that examine labor, revenues, costs, safety, bids, equipment, materials and more from every possible angle.



ProNovos is tailor-made to help specialty contractors demonstrate and continually improve their productivity, safety, work quality and compliance. Ops Manager connects crews in an easy-to-use dashboard and gives them instant access to reports, drawings, photos, checklists, revisions and other relevant project information, anytime and anywhere.

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Seamlessly Advance Your Data Strategy — with the Software You Already Have “Finance Pros Say You’ll Have to Pry Excel Out of Their Cold, Dead Hands.” That was the headline of an amusing story in The Wall Street Journal back in 2017. It focused on a rift in the financial sector about whether to replace spreadsheets with cloud-based analytics platforms.  C-suite execs wanted to onboard new tech. CPAs, analysts and other masters of the spreadsheet
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Get More Out of Sage with ProNovos Construction Data Analytics Sage 100 and 300 CRE are powerful tools for construction contractors. Now a growing number of Sage contractors are getting even more out of the software by taking advantage of data analytics tools—including ProNovos Construction Data Analytics—that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make accurate predictions about where projects and operations are headed. Leveraging ProNovos allows contractors to spend less time extracting Sage data,
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Dodge Data & Analytics Report Includes Insights from ProNovos A new Dodge Data & Analytics SmartMarket Report is a deep dive into building information modeling (BIM) for mechanical and HVAC contractors. Bruce Orr, ProNovos’ Chief Data Scientist, contributed by sitting for an hour-long interview with the research team. In the wide-ranging conversation, Orr shared his insights into how mechanical and HVAC contractors are using BIM, AI and machine learning to ramp up productivity and control
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Foundation + ProNovos = New Insights for Contractors There’s a reason Foundation construction accounting software is popular among contractors: Unlike general-purpose accounting tools, Foundation makes it easy to track and report all kinds of construction-specific information. However, Foundation has another huge advantage as well: Because it uses MS SQL Server, it can “plug and play” with some of the most advanced tools available to contracting companies today — including the ProNovos construction data analytics and
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Cutting Through ‘Paralysis by Analysis’ Strategies for Managing the Rising Tide of Construction Data Construction firms juggle dozens or even hundreds of projects simultaneously. For c-suite decision-makers, that can translate into a near-permanent state of triage—scrambling to put out project-specific fires related to schedules, costs, quality and safety. It’s a dynamic that must end if contractors, especially self-performers, are to take full advantage of the tech and data revolutions in construction. When you’re in “triage
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How to Eliminate Construction Pain Points in 2021

How to Eliminate Construction Pain Points in 2021 Construction pain points were a hot topic in 2020 in our discussions with more than a dozen GCs and specialty contractors who wanted to learn about Operations Manager, our project and resource management platform.  When we took a step back to consider some of the common construction pain points that emerged from those discussions, we were even more confident in the relevance of our software to the

Check Out Our Column in Construction Business Owner’s November Issue

Check Out Our Column in CBO’s November Issue Analytics dashboards continue to grow in popularity among contractors, but the discussion can omit an important consideration—metrics that are useful to one company can be meaningless to another. That’s the subject of a two-page column by Bruce Orr, founder and CEO of ProNovos, in this month’s print edition of Construction Business Owner magazine. In ‘Finding the Metrics that Matter,’ Orr notes that while certain financial yardsticks are

Love Your Data! Introducing the New AP Dashboard by ProNovos

Love Your Data! Introducing the New AP Dashboard by ProNovos Imagine saving hundreds of thousands of dollars merely by tracking a single metric related to your Accounts Payable.  It’s the kind of “love-your-data” epiphany that we live for at ProNovos, where our designers, developers and analysts continue to collaborate with contractors to take construction data visualization to the next level. In a previous post, we explained how our new Accounts Receivable dashboard yields insights into