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We automate the transfer and
integration of data from your
business software to a single
Analytics Platform.


All-in-one construction project
management tool that connects
your office and field operations to
increase accountability, visibility
and collaboration among all
stakeholders in the project.


Project managers, foremen, superintendents, estimators and engineers
use ProNovos solutions to save money, mitigate risks and improve
project productivity.


Right out of the box, ProNovos allows General Contractors to spot trends faster and make more accurate predictions. Key personnel in accounting, finance, IT and the c-suite gain the ability to run automated reports that examine labor, revenues, costs, safety, bids, equipment, materials and more from every possible angle.


ProNovos is tailor-made to help specialty contractors demonstrate and continually improve their productivity, safety, work quality and compliance. Ops Manager connects crews in an easy-to-use dashboard and gives them instant access to reports, drawings, photos, checklists, revisions and other relevant project information, anytime and anywhere.

business intelligence maturity continuum
My job consists of educating and helping construction companies do two things, 1). better understand the value of data and 2). help their organization embrace analytics. If you would have asked me how things were going four years ago, you probably would have heard a less optimistic point of view. It’s true, four years ago I questioned myself many times about whether or not I made the right decision by starting a construction analytics software
construction pros dashboard
Are you a professional in the construction industry? If so, then are you using Pronovos, the leading construction analytics platform? If the answer is no, then you may want to read on… Most construction companies would like to eliminate headaches by placing tighter controls around cost, improve production rates and minimize the risk for compliance problems. You may be using the reports from your accounting software that reveals half of the information that you need or you might be sending
Most industries are looking at data as a very important commodity and they have been doing so for years. Even the oil industry has recognized the importance of data as they look for more creative ways to save money and identify new streams of revenue. It’s hard to argue with the importance of data as you look at the top 5 giants of the tech world: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Google can see what
We work with contractors daily on how best to take advantage of the data that’s locked up in their accounting systems and ERPs. The initial conversations are almost always about building specific reports and drilling down to the transactions. I acknowledge that this is very useful and I encourage them to ask as many questions of the data as possible.  I also nudge them to think of their data in a different way. From my perspective,
I’ve spoken with many CEOs of construction companies to understand how they are using data to make better decisions. 90% of the time I hear how they’d like to move past the limits of spreadsheets and manual reporting. As they continue to get busier, they are seeking to increase the depth and frequency of their data analysis.  Rather than just consuming data, they are asking different questions, wanting to create different views and approaches so that they

Zernco Chooses ProNovos Operations Manager for Insights from the Field

Zernco Chooses ProNovos Operations Manager for Insights from the Field Zernco, Inc., is an award-winning contractor known for its focus on integrity, quality, safety and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, employees and strategic partners. It’s also the latest contractor to roll out ProNovos’ Operations Manager. Based in Wichita, Kansas, Zernco has been offering commercial new construction, remodeling, and facility maintenance solutions for 25 years. The company’s project experience includes restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, as

‘Love Your Data!’ ProNovos Unveils Powerful New Analytics Dashboards

Love Your Data! ProNovos Unveils Powerful New Analytics Dashboards At ProNovos, we thrive on those “love-your-data moments.” They usually go like this: Having explored one of our construction data analytics dashboards for the first time, a contractor smiles, looks up and says something like, “Oh, that’s cool. I’ve never seen it that way before. I love it!” In an instant, that CFO or accounting manager has glimpsed how analytics and data visualization can yield new

Insights Into Industry Performance: Why You Should Be a Part of Foundation’s 2020 Construction Business Survey

Insights Into Industry Performance: Why You Should Be a Part of Foundation’s 2020 Construction Business Survey The U.S. construction industry, along with so many other sectors of the economy, is facing some tough hurdles right now. At times like this, decision-makers at contracting firms need to be armed with as much information as possible, and it can be especially useful to understand more about how your peers in construction are responding to change. What are


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