Published September 30, 2022 . 3 mins read

ProNovos and Perkins & Co Announce Construction Data Analytics Partnership

Analytics provider ProNovos and accounting firm Perkins & Co introduce contractors across the Pacific Northwest to tech tools designed to ramp up efficiency and reduce risk


ATLANTA and PORTLAND, OREGON (September 30, 2022)—Tech startup ProNovos and accounting firm Perkins & Co today announced a strategic partnership focused on bringing construction data analytics to contractors across the Pacific Northwest.

As part of the arrangement, ProNovos will make its suite of analytics solutions available to clients of Perkins & Co’s construction and real estate group based on these contractors’ specific business strategies and data needs.

Incubated at Atlanta Tech Village, ProNovos has worked with more than 100 construction contractors to build flexible, user-friendly analytics solutions that yield new insights into project and company performance. The list includes executive and WIP data visualizations as well as automated reporting tools yielding multidimensional views in areas such as labor hours, sales, billings, change orders, projected final cost and AP/AR.

“As longtime exponents for construction data, we’re thrilled to support Perkins’s mission of bringing financial best practices to forward-thinking construction contractors,” said Bruce Orr, founder and Chief Data Scientist of the fast-growing startup.

Portland-based Perkins & Co, which also maintains an office in Vancouver, Washington, serves general contractors, specialty contractors and subcontractors conducting business throughout the U.S. and overseas. In addition to providing a full range of accounting, tax, advisory, and succession-planning services, members of the firm’s construction group routinely advise contractors on strategies for ramping up results and reducing risk.

Bruce Orr, ProNovos

“We are committed to helping our clients build firm financial foundations, overcome challenges, and best position themselves for the future,” said Katie Powell, Perkins’ shareholder, and co-lead of its construction group. “Thanks to our partnership with ProNovos, our clients now have an efficient way to track, measure, and analyze their progress toward their big-picture goals.”

The approach involves taking data from accounting systems like Foundation or Sage, as well as project-management platforms like Procore, and integrating it into ProNovos’ cloud-based data warehouse and analytical platform.

“Personnel in the office and the field can use any device to log into the system and see only the information they need,” Orr explained. “That could be change orders, submittals and RFIs, the aging of accounts receivable, or the profitability of customers and jobs. It’s the full range of construction KPIs.”

ProNovos serves as a primary data channel for the entire organization, eliminating the need for personnel to master and remember passwords and logins for a raft of different apps.

“Our data warehouse integrates with all the most popular applications in the construction industry and many lesser-known ones as well, and it’s connected to a powerful analytics engine that produces beautiful visualizations,” the data scientist said. “Simplicity and ease-of-use are especially important for superintendents and project managers in the field, most of whom are too busy to decipher byzantine spreadsheets.”

By pulling data directly, contractors no longer need to task personnel with manual reporting in which they eyeball the numbers in the company’s accounting and project-management systems and then reenter those figures by hand into new reports—a process that tends to be error-prone and time-consuming.

“Efficiency has always been critical in the construction industry, but it is even more so today,” Orr said. “Through automation, contractors can eliminate both the mistakes caused by such duplicate entries and the need to double-check that manually entered information, saving them time, money and headaches.”

Katie Powell, CPA, Perkins’ Shareholder


At ProNovos: pr@pronovos.com; Bruce Orr, bruce@pronovos.com, (678) 908-0087.

At Perkins & Co, Nicola Fleming, Director of Marketing, nfleming@perkinsaccounting.com, (503) 221-7589.