ProNovos Launches Foundation Sync—a ‘Plug & Play’ Approach to Construction Data  

–New dashboards give subs a better way to use and analyze data from Foundation Software, including root-cause analysis as part of ProNovos’ high-utility Projected Final Cost dashboard

ORLANDO (03/25/21)–Construction subcontractors that use Foundation Software now have a faster and easier way to sync project and financial data all in one place.

Foundation Sync represents a plug-and-play approach to construction analytics, said Bruce Orr, founder and Chief Data Scientist of ProNovos, which unveiled the solution earlier this month at the Foundation User Conference in Orlando. At the show, approximately 80 attendees filed into a presentation where interest was especially high in ProNovos’ Projected Final Cost dashboard, Orr said. 

“PMs are able to use it to update their cost-to-complete for each activity,” the data scientist explained. “Our Projected Final Cost dashboard gives them insight into project costs over time, profit margin fade or gain, and a breakdown of their vendor costs. They’re able to capture the root cause for an adjustment and gain greater clarity into project trends–exactly what’s working and what isn’t.”

The quick implementation time of Foundation Sync is another benefit to subs.

 “Typically, when subs on-board a construction data platform, the implementation can take up to six weeks, even for standard KPIs,” Orr noted. “With Foundation Sync, any Foundation subcontractor can download and use a host of standard ProNovos dashboards right away via our in-app Analytics Marketplace.”

ProNovos, a Foundation Software integration partner, has worked with subs and GCs for the better part of a decade. Based on that experience, the Atlanta-based analytics firm continues to roll out accounting and project data dashboards that meet their biggest data needs.

“Foundation Sync allows you to just fire up ProNovos and go right to our new ProNovos Analytics Marketplace, which is essentially an app store for downloading and subscribing to the dashboards you need,” explained ProNovos Solutions Engineer Kevin Bright.

The ProNovos Procore Sync dashboard allows users to pull submittals, RFIs, drawings and more from GCs’ Procore accounts. “As GCs update Procore, it populates automatically in ProNovos, ensuring that your team always has the most recent project information,” Bright said. “You also get to keep your Procore data after that project closes.”

Moving forward, ProNovos will continue releasing new dashboards for Foundation and other subcontractors. “We’re calling 2022 ‘the Year of the Sub,’” Orr said. 

Foundation Sync is available here for a 30-day free trial.

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