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ProNovos + Viewpoint: Taking Data to the Next Level

ProNovos + Viewpoint: Taking Data to the Next Level

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Contractors across the country are using Viewpoint software to ramp up the efficiency of their accounting, project and operational data. Moving from siloed spreadsheets to Viewpoint’s reports, dashboards and business intelligence tools is an important first step. It allows for both centralization of key information and a more interactive, cross-organizational approach.

Now more contractors are advancing the ball even farther by combining Viewpoint with the powerful functionality of ProNovos Construction Analytics.

Once you’ve gone paperless, the science of modern analytics gives you the ability to do “deep dives” into that data, yielding accurate predictions about where projects and the company are headed.

At ProNovos, we work with a number of Viewpoint contractors and have extensive experience in syncing our platform with their existing systems. Viewpoint users can essentially “plug and play” to take advantage of our advanced analytics engine. We empower them to make informed decisions now—from the job site to the boardroom.

Viewpoint allows you to manage and track RFIs, transmittals and more, and puts your accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, payroll and cash management data right at your fingertips. ProNovos then gives you the ability to see the trends in these areas and game-plan future scenarios.

Viewpoint integrates the data flows from your office, field and project teams. With analytics, you can glean new insights into what’s happening at all levels of the organization. You get the Key Performance Indicators that are in highest demand across the construction industry.

ProNovos does all of this without the high costs and burdensome logistics associated with some of the market-dominant construction data solutions coming out of Silicon Valley.

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