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ProNovos vs. Excel: Automating the Work-in-Progress Report

In construction management, staying ahead with Work in Progress (WIP) reports is crucial for tracking project progress, financial health, and identifying bottlenecks. Traditionally, Excel has been relied upon for its flexibility, but the landscape is evolving with automation solutions like ProNovos. By automating WIP reports, ProNovos transforms them from lagging indicators into real-time insights, avoiding the pitfalls of manual data entry and a post-mortem, backward-looking report where you realize what you shoulda, coulda, or woulda done two weeks after the fact to steer your projects towards stronger profitability.

Excel, while versatile, presents challenges like error-prone data entry with the slightest mistype, time-consuming updates, and limited adaptability beyond individual users. ProNovos offers a solution that provides constantly updating and customizable views, facilitating deeper analysis and smarter decision-making in construction management.

Why the WIP Report Is Important

The WIP report holds significant importance for contractors in the construction industry. It serves as a vital tool for assessing the financial performance of ongoing projects, aiding both construction companies and financial lenders in evaluating the health of projects in progress. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in scheduled internal project review meetings, providing essential data for managing and optimizing financial outcomes effectively. Additionally, the WIP report aids in risk mitigation by identifying potential issues like profit fade or underbilling, enabling proactive measures to address and mitigate risks before they escalate. Overall, the WIP report is indispensable for contractors, offering insights crucial for financial management and project success.

One broken formula can have a cascading effect across the entire report in Excel.

Why It’s Important to Automate the WIP Report

Automating the WIP report is crucial for several reasons:

    • Firstly, it leads to faster insights by transforming key financial indicators into proactive metrics, such as projected profit margins and earned revenue, without the delays of traditional retrospective analysis. This eliminates the retrospective look-backs, enabling real-time decision-making.
    • Secondly, automation reduces the risk of errors inherent in manual data entry and calculations, ensuring accuracy in the report’s findings.
    • Thirdly, it enhances collaboration among project stakeholders, facilitating the identification and mitigation of risks before they escalate.
    • Finally, automating the WIP report provides peace of mind, as stakeholders can rely on its accuracy and timeliness, contributing to more informed and effective decision-making processes.

ProNovos vs Excel

This comparison chart highlights the key differences between ProNovos and Excel across various features, including ease of use, automation, accessibility, financial metrics, customization, error prevention, collaboration, analytical capabilities, integration, maintenance, and cost.


ProNovos Cash Flow Forecasting

Excel & Spreadsheets Approach

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface with intuitive controls and navigation.

Familiar interface, but may require advanced Excel skills for complex functions.


Integrated with your ERP for automated data input and calculations.

Manual setup and mind-numbing data entry.

Real-Time Accessibility

Access the updating report anytime from any wifi enabled device.

Stored in a local device and can be a post-mortem, backwards looking report.

Collaboration and Version Control

Control and share the report with the relevant internal & external stakeholders.

Maybe hindered by version control and unable to handle large dataset as the projects become more complex.

Financial Metrics Configuration

Choose from more than 40 vital construction project financial metrics.

Required manual setup of formulas and calculations.

Reporting Flexibility

Dynamic filters through the project list, including by job status, project class, and time period, to name a few.

Manual setup and may require advanced Excel knowledge.

Accuracy and Error Prevention

Built-in data workflow highlights if data is missing or there’s an inaccurate.

Prone to errors from cumbersome data entry (#DIV/0, #REF!).


Low maintenance with updates handled by the product team.

Requires ongoing maintenance and formula updates.


Subscription-based pricing with access to more construction financial workflows and analysis tools.

Generally lower initial costs, but ongoing manual efforts can increase labor costs.

ProNovos provides quick, easy checks on our financials versus having to hunt down the data and then perform extensive calculations.

Brett Diamon
President, Gideon Constructors

Adaptive Financial Analysis and Presentation: WIP Workspace

Unlock unlimited customization capabilities effortlessly, tailoring your WIP reports to your unique requirements. Visualize project performance easily through intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing you to arrange KPIs and visualizations according to your preferences. Join us in this video to explore the WIP Workspace and revolutionize your reporting experience.

KPIs and filters in ProNovos

More Than the WIP Report — It’s a Financial Toolkit Built for Your Growing Needs

Have all the construction financial workflows, analysis, and tools you need to safeguard profits and cash flow. While streamlining the WIP report for faster and more efficient analysis should be every contractor’s standard, you can go further by enhancing your cash flow forecast, revenue forecast, and standardize the project forecasting (cost-to-completion) all within ProNovos’ financial workflows the pull data straight from your ERP.