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Data Warehousing for Construction Contractors

Data Warehousing for Construction Contractors

Data warehousing for construction contractors continues to be a highly relevant topic, given the continuous growth of safety, project, accounting and preconstruction data being produced by today’s construction firms.

If you’re thinking about integrating your company and project data into an easy-to-use dashboard—or if you’re dissatisfied with the price, service or functionality of your current platform—check out the recording from our Jan. 13 webinar, “How to Supercharge Your Data with FOUNDATION and ProNovos Construction Intelligence.”

Data Warehousing for Construction Contractors: OTL’s Experience

In the 41-minute Zoom event, Bruce Orr, Founder of Atlanta-based ProNovos and a 20-year veteran of data analytics, chats with J. Wickham “Wick” Zimmerman, CEO and Co-Founder of OTL, about his experience in using ProNovos for data warehousing in construction.

OTL happens to use Foundation construction accounting software, but ProNovos integrates with all of the other accounting systems in the industry, such as Sage and Viewpoint, along with leading project-management, safety and other construction apps.

Based in Anaheim, California, Zimmerman’s design-build contracting firm is known for its rock work, themed environments and specialty water feature projects for commercial properties all over the country.

As a result, OTL’s pipeline produces a lot of data. In Orr’s view, Zimmerman has been extraordinarily proactive and creative in working with ProNovos to get more out of this information.

“Wick’s approach, which the CEO explains in the webinar with specific use cases and dashboard screen-shares, really points to the power of a construction intelligence cloud,” Orr says. “We always enjoy geeking out with Wick, who shares our passion for the potential of construction data to revolutionize the industry.”

Thanks also to Garett Fuller, Regional Sales Manager at Foundation Software, for joining us during the webinar to explain how Foundation can be part of any strategy involving data warehousing in construction.

OTL’s Creative Approach to Data Warehousing with ProNovos

An engineer by training (not to mention a veteran aviator), Zimmerman is perfectly at home sifting through complex datasets. However, the CEO prefers to use ProNovos dashboards when seeking to ferret out project or company trends, particularly those that look out of place. He calls this approach “managing by exception.” It could mean using the data to figure out why one project did far better than another, or taking a closer look at particular KPIs that seem to be lagging historical norms.

“Even though I’m an engineer by trade, I am a visual person,” Zimmerman says. “Running a company, I much prefer to see a visual representation and summary information, as opposed to having to read pages and pages of reports to get the information I’m looking for.”

Zimmerman also provides an overview of how OTL uses ProNovos for cash-management.

“Cash is king to all contractors,” he observes. “Our ProNovos dashboards give us a good overall picture.” (Here’s some additional info about our cash-flow dashboard, AP dashboard and our AR dashboard.)

Below you will find some other video highlights from the webinar, including Income Analysis, Project Manager Dashboard, WIP Dashboard and Cost-to-Complete Forecast.

Income Analysis

Project Manager Dashboard: Production Tracking

WIP Dashboard

Cost-to-Complete Forecast