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How ProNovos Adds Value to Procore

How ProNovos Adds Value to Procore

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Procore is one of the most popular technology tools in the construction business, with 1.3 million users in more than 125 countries and, since 2014, more than 1 million projects, and $880 billion of total construction volume.

Go to Procore’s website and you’ll see that the company has developed solutions for many of the major tasks and strategic imperatives in construction, including preconstruction and management of projects, finances and resources.

How does ProNovos add value to Procore? Through our sharp focus on construction data analytics and our expertise in this rapidly evolving science.

ProNovos integrates seamlessly with the voluminous data collected and centralized through Procore. We offer a fast, inexpensive and highly efficient way to bring the powerful functionalities of advanced analytics to your Procore data.

You can funnel multiple streams of resource and project-planning data into our cloud-based platform, which is accessible on multiple devices and from any location, to glean new insights into your projects and operations.

Take something like Work In Progress (WIP) reporting. ProNovos automates this important process: Once the PMs have entered their progress reports into Procore, that data rolls up to financial managers automatically. Then ProNovos’ algorithms go to work to slice and dice the information in all kinds of highly customizable ways. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, the company can quickly identify over and underbillings, profit fade, cash flow, loss issues and much more.

Combining ProNovos and Procore allows you to answer practical questions, such as:

What is your bid hit rate this year?

How much work can you handle before things get too tight?

Which subcontractors consistently are on time and on budget?

What is your earned revenue by state and PM this month vs. last month?

How can you determine if a project is too risky to bid?

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