ProNovos Rolls Out Subcontractor-Focused Updates to Its Construction Intelligence Cloud

Atlanta-based construction tech firm unveils more intuitive user interface, along with data-syncing features that create new possibilities for subs that work with Procore GCs

bruce orr

ATLANTA (11/11/21)–ProNovos today announced a suite of new product updates focused on subcontractors that collaborate with GCs on the GC’s Procore instance. The benefits include allowing subs to keep their data for performance analysis even after projects are complete. 

 “Subs all over the country routinely work with GCs that require them to use the GC’s software,” noted Bruce Orr, ProNovos’ founder and Chief Data Scientist. “Instead of subs losing that data after finishing their portion of the job, these updates open the door for them to gain new insights into their project and company performance.”

ProNovos is gearing up for a full release of the user interface and data-syncing updates toward the end of Q4 2021. In the interim, ProNovos is giving subs free early access to an initial version, no commitment required.  

 The ProNovos Construction Intelligence Cloud offers two components: data-driven project-management tools (Operations Manager) and corporate-performance enhancing data-warehousing and analytics solutions.

When the updates are fully rolled out, Orr said, subcontractors will be able to reap big benefits from ProNovos’ new Procore data-syncing functionality. “They’ll be able to improve their track record, win more bids and work smarter by taking full advantage of historical data from projects completed on the GC’s Procore.”

The changes will also make it easier for subs and GCs to work with drawings, submittals, RFIs, logs and other data when collaborating on projects. “Subs’ inboxes quickly fill with requests to review Procore docs related to their scope of work,” Orr noted. “Data-syncing will allow subs to use ProNovos Ops Manager to keep track of which ones have been reviewed. When you never miss an update, you never miss the chance to give the GC a heads up about potential issues.”

Data-syncing also means that submittals and RFIs created in Procore can be pulled into ProNovos and vice versa, eliminating the need for double-entry in either platform. “You’ll be linking both versions of project documents, so that as an update is made in Procore, the corresponding fields in ProNovos automatically update,” Orr said. “Those records will always be in sync, eliminating inconsistencies and unnecessary duplicate data entry.”

This also means subs will no longer need to manually recreate reports in spreadsheets, and it will give them additional performance insights. “Many subcontractors routinely work with multiple Procore GCs,” Orr noted. “Now subs can work from one ProNovos interface and manage and analyze those multiple projects all at once.”

In addition, the updates will give ProNovos users a smoother, more intuitive UI, said Xenia Sweeney, Creative Manager. “Our updated user interface offers a generally lighter look and feel that will help subs focus on the KPIs that matter most,” the designer said. “For example, we’re using new visual cues that help them know at a glance what’s going on with equipment and labor KPIs corporate-wide, or just on individual projects.”

Streamlined buttons and additional displays of hover/rollover information also speed up actions like adding or creating new submittals, RFIs, personnel records and the like. “Even the weather impacts on our Daily Reports will be more visually appealing, saving our customers time,” Sweeney said. “Rather than searching for those conditions in a pulldown menu, you’ll just click a graphic of a storm cloud or a sunny day.”

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