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08 Feb

ProNovos Case Study: Zernco, Inc.

CASE STUDY:ZERNCO, INC. The company president Scott Marko reports saving at least $18,000 a year on labor costs as a result of eliminating double entries. “When you combine that with ProNovos’ much-lower software fees, we’re saving at least $50,000 a year,” he said. Prior to signing up with ProNovos in 2020, Zernco, Inc., already had a project-management platform for handling RFIs, drawings, photos, submittals, safety forms, daily logs and the like, and President Scott Marko [...]

02 Feb

Data Warehousing for Construction Contractors

Data Warehousing for Construction Contractors Data warehousing for construction contractors continues to be a highly relevant topic, given the continuous growth of safety, project, accounting and preconstruction data being produced by today's construction firms. If you're thinking about integrating your company and project data into an easy-to-use dashboard—or if you're dissatisfied with the price, service or functionality of your current platform—check out the recording from our Jan. 13 webinar, "How to Supercharge Your Data with [...]

construction power bi
01 Feb

The Difference Between ProNovos and Power BI

The difference between ProNovos and Power BI Contractors sometimes want to know the difference between ProNovos and Power BI. ProNovos is a construction intelligence cloud—a data-warehousing, analytics and resource-management platform geared specifically for the construction biz. Power BI is a general business-intelligence tool for companies in any industry. There’s no doubt that Power BI, which is backed by the tech giant Microsoft, is nifty software for creating data visualizations. However, it wasn’t designed to do [...]

construction software implementation
26 Jan

Construction Software Implementation: Pro Tips

Construction Software Implementation: Pro Tips Construction software implementation is nothing to fear. Rolling out a new construction intelligence cloud at your contracting firm may seem like a huge undertaking, but just a small amount of prep work can make for a smooth and easy process. At ProNovos, we work with contractors on construction software implementation every day. Based on our experience, here are a few pro tips for those who are gearing up to on-board [...]

construction pain points
13 Jan

How to Eliminate Construction Pain Points in 2021

How to Eliminate Construction Pain Points in 2021 Construction pain points were a hot topic in 2020 in our discussions with more than a dozen GCs and specialty contractors who wanted to learn about Operations Manager, our project and resource management platform.  When we took a step back to consider some of the common construction pain points that emerged from those discussions, we were even more confident in the relevance of our software to the [...]