construction worker on a job site
01 Oct

Achieving a Balanced Backlog via Construction Data Analytics

Achieving a Balanced Backlog in Construction—3 KPIs Construction CEOs tend to spend a lot of time thinking about one question in particular: “What is the ideal blend of jobs in the pipeline to ensure optimal growth for the company, in good times and bad?” The President of a large Washington-based General Contractor sums up the dilemma nicely. “Human nature can cloud your judgment when a known opportunity is present and tangible. It can be difficult [...]

19 Sep

Construction Analytics: Where Processes and Goals Align

CONSTRUCTION ANALYTICS: WHERE PROCESSES AND GOALS ALIGN Analytics can be vital to companies that generate a high volume of data like the construction industry. This information includes profit control, productivity, quality, duration and possible safety concerns. Construction analytics provide insights into how your company is performing from top to bottom. Light is shed on blind spots that could cause bigger problems later. A clear vision of these possible outcomes put you in a position to [...]

15 Aug

Intelligent Resource Management: McClone Contruction

INTELLIGENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: MCCLONE CONSTRUCTION Operations Manager by ProNovos: A Case Study in Intelligent Resource Management, with McClone Construction Co., El Dorado Hills, California The Intelligent Resource Management component in ProNovos’ Operations Manager platform connects contractors’ people, projects, schedules and tasks in one easy-to-use interface. What follows is a case study of El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based McClone Construction Co.’s transition from traditional methods (AKA Excel) to advanced, intelligent resource management via ProNovos’ Operations Manager platform. [...]

15 Mar

Construction Analytics 2 Minute Videos

#1 Financial and Job Cost Dashboards Meet the next generation business intelligence platform for contractors Play #2 Next Gen WIP Reporting Play #3 Construction WIP Automation Have you ever heard the question, when did this job start to have problems? Play #4  ProNovos Mobile Financial Analytics The Best Financial Dashboard Ever Play #5  Dashboards in seconds Build a data driven Job Cost dashboard that can be used on any device. Play

08 Mar

Construction Business Intelligence: Strategies for Success

CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS Construction is changing rapidly and so is the industry’s need for analytics and business intelligence, which brings up a great question: what is construction analytics? The term itself has multiple meanings and can be difficult to define. For contracting firms that know they need a solution, the ambiguous meaning leaves them wondering exactly where to turn. The term “business intelligence” has been overused far too long. Sometimes business intelligence [...]