01 Mar

I Hear that Data is the New Oil. Is that True for Contracting Firms?

Most industries are looking at data as a very important commodity and they have been doing so for years. Even the oil industry has recognized the importance of data as they look for more creative ways to save money and identify new streams of revenue. It's hard to argue with the importance of data as you look at the top 5 giants of the tech world: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Google can see what [...]

01 Mar

Storytelling with Job Cost Data

We work with contractors daily on how best to take advantage of the data that's locked up in their accounting systems and ERPs. The initial conversations are almost always about building specific reports and drilling down to the transactions. I acknowledge that this is very useful and I encourage them to ask as many questions of the data as possible.  I also nudge them to think of their data in a different way. From my perspective, [...]

15 Dec

Construction Analytics for CEOs

I've spoken with many CEOs of construction companies to understand how they are using data to make better decisions. 90% of the time I hear how they’d like to move past the limits of spreadsheets and manual reporting. As they continue to get busier, they are seeking to increase the depth and frequency of their data analysis.  Rather than just consuming data, they are asking different questions, wanting to create different views and approaches so that they [...]